Optional Power Window Switches and Harness Kit 2017-10-29T06:38:13+00:00

Model: 87SW3

Upgraded power window sitch & wiring harness kit.

This kit is similar to the 80SW3 harness that has a “power booster” relay. The difference is that the switches in this kit have been upgraded – the switches are illuminated arrow (lighted switches) and has bullet type, 4-wire & 5 wire terminal connections. Switches may be, mounted with or without the “switch frames” (mounting bezel). Driver-side has two 4-wire switches, with 2 hole switch framem and the passenger side has one 5-wire switch, with a 1 hole switch frame. Recommended as a replacement power window harness for 2-door vehicles.

USD Price: $41.76


Model: 81SW7

Seven (7) stenciled-arrow awitched & harness system. For 4-door vehicles.

This kit includes plug-in type switches, (with “gang-type” mounting bezel & integrated rear lockout switch) & colorcoded wiring harness: 4-gang type switches for the Driver-side, plus rear lock switch & 3 switches for the passenger & rear doors. Switches are non-illuminated with “up and down arrow” mark.

USD Price: $81.87


Model: 87SW7

Upgraded power window switch & wiring harness kit..

Similar in construction and design as the 87SW3 switch & wire harness kit. For 4-Door application. This kit comes with 7 switches and one (rear) lock-out switch – which can be installed with or without its “switch frames” (mounting frame or bezel). The driver-side has 4-wire switches, mounted on 4 hole switch frame (with a lock switch); and three individual 5-wire switches (each with a 1-jole switch frame) for the passenger and rear doors.

USD Price: $85.80


Model: 80124

2 or 4 Door application POD kit. 

Aside from covering the trim panel hole (where the manual handcrank of the manual window used to be – before conversation to power windows), these 2 and 4 POD kit is capable of housing the power window switches & power door lock switch in its single bezel or cover. Though not as stylist as the 80122-B, the 80124 is also paint-able to match the anterior trim panel. Its individual bezel that holds the switches comes in 1, 2, 3, & 4 hole (bezels). For use only with 80SW3 and 80SW7 switches.

USD Price: $26.68